Thursday, April 9, 2015

Meet Madeline, in an excerpt from 'Soul of a Witch'

In many ways, Madeline seemed much as I expected, yet at the same time, not at all. She was taller, for one, not the hunchbacked sickly bag of bones that Lilith had me picturing. Her posture evoked an air of dignity and elegance, though her manner of dress supported my impression of her in the wild days of Lilith’s youth. Drab, ill-fitted clothes lacking color and style hung loose off her body. Pleated fabrics layered over her shoulders and arms draped to the floor, leaving only her head and hands exposed.
Madeline’s hair, like Lilith’s and Ursula’s, was long and straight, though tied back in a charcoal gray ponytail hanging all the way down to her lower back. Loose strands, as fine as spider silk, grew from her temples, spiraled in thin tufts around her ears and fell to rest on the curves of her neck.
As she neared the threshold, her face came into the light. I could see then that the years had not been kind to Madeline. Her skin appeared leathered through time. Furrows gathered in deep horizontal folds along her forehead. Shadowed crevices in her chin and cheeks intensified the impression of cracked earth collapsing like a sinkhole around her withered mouth. Her eyes, dark oil drop specs of intimidation, peered out through hooded sockets void of eyebrows and lashes.

Soul of a Witch, book 11 in the Detective Marcella Witch's series, due out April 15th 2015


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Soul of a Witch
Release date April 15th 2015

In book 11 of the Detective Marcella Witch’s series, a simple burglary escalates into murder when a witness turns up dead at the circus. With few leads and ample suspects, it’s all Tony can do to solve the case before the circus jumps. Complicating matters is Lilith, who suspects something nefarious has been harassing her ailing grandmother, and demands that Tony devote more time looking into the matter before it’s too late.

Advanced orders available at the Apple iBookstore, Smashwords and Barns & Noble

Saturday, December 13, 2014

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Monday, March 17, 2014

** NEW **

Bury The Witch

The safe is impregnable, the diamonds exceptional and the owners dysfunctional. So how is it that a twenty million dollar fortune could disappear so easily? For the boys of the Second Precinct, the answer is simple. Unfortunately, proving it is not.

Available in ebook and paperback at all online book dealers including:
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Friday, December 13, 2013

That's all I can say about book no. 10 in the Detective Marcella Witch's series. It's coming soon.

I do have a working title now: Bury The Witch. Read what you like into it. I ain't saying nothin`.

5x8 paperback edition should finish out at around 350 pages, or 87k words. As soon as the lovely Ms. Vickie reads it and finds her inspiration, she'll start on the book cover, which I expect will be awesome as usual.  Look for a first sneak peek of the cover here.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Quick update. I know you want to know where book 10 in the Detective Marcella Witch's series is.

Well, it's coming. As of today, Oct. 23 2013 I am on page 123 in the paperback version, or roughly, 38k words into it.

As yet, the book is untitled, so I affectionately just call it book 10. If you all have a suggestion for a name, let me hear it. You never know. Lilith was thinking, "Phuck The Witch". I told her I'd think about it.

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