Friday, February 22, 2013

Out of this World


I'd like to give a big thanks to the wonderful folks at Apple. Today, the Apple iBookstore sent out an email blast throughout the entire galaxy, promoting breakout books from the country's rising stars of independent authors.

And guess which paranormal mystery book made the list of awesome breakout mysteries and thrillers.
The Witch's Ladder
In book one of the Detective Marcella paranormal mysteries, a collection of individuals, proficient in the psychic academia of clairvoyance, mental telepathy and bilocation work together to understand life’s most unusual secrets. But in a world where secrets among psychics are hard to keep, the members of this group soon realize that even their abilities of mind over matter may not be enough to save them from the murderous blade of the Surgeon Stalker.

Look for it at the iBookstore today, or at other fine ebook retailers throughout the universe.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

It's HERE!

Gone is the Witch

Book 8 in the Detective Marcella Witch’s series finds Tony spearheading a rescue mission to save the kidnapped Leona Diaz. The problem is, to do it, he’ll have to travel to an alternate universe where the laws of physics take a back seat to the unpredictability of a quasi-dimensional reality.

Available now for all e-reader platforms at Smashwords:

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Seriously? Amazon U.K., are you kidding me? You agree to reinstate the free pricing for Eye Of The Witch just long enough for me to check up on it, and then you raise the price again? You think I'm not watching ? That's absolutely idiotic. With eleven titles available for Kindle, (soon to be twelve) it's proven fact that giving away just one title promotes positive sales of other ten. It's simple economics!

What the hell... I guess I shouldn't bite the hand that feeds me, even though it's a two-way street. My loss is their loss, too.

Meanwhile, over at Amazon U.S., sales are brisk. They are still offering Eye of the Witch free. And, as I mentioned in my last post, the Apple iBookstore included book one of the Detective Marcella Witch's series in their Breakout Books promotion. That has caused downloads of Eye to skyrocket.

Lesson? Free is good. So, just as a reminder for all you U.K. readers, you can download Eye of the Witch for Kindle free on Smashwords. For the rest of you with Nooks, iPads, Sony and Kobo, etc., your ebook retailer still offers the book free.


Wednesday, February 6, 2013



WOW! This is HUGE!

Hey everyone, I just have to shout this out. Apple’s iBookstore yesterday launched Breakout Books in the U.S., a new book merchandising feature that showcases books from popular self-published authors. Thanks to you, my most awesome readers and fans of Lilith, Tony and the rest of the gang, my book, The Witch's Ladder has been included in that coveted showcase.

The Witch's Ladder is book one in the Detective Tony Marcella witch's series. This fantastic news couldn't have come at a better time, because book eight in that series, Gone Is The Witch, is scheduled for release on Apple's iBookstore in just two weeks. 

Help me celebrate. Check out the iBookstore, and while you're there, download book two in the series, Eye of the Witch, it's absolutely free! 



New Cover

A follow up on my last post condemning Amazon U.K. for not letting me price Eye of the Witch as a free book in their territory. After a few back & forth emails, they finally agreed to reinstate the promo pricing. That, along with a new cover, compliments of my most awesome Photoshop guru wife, Vickie, should continue to encourage folks to get to know Tony, Lilith, Carlos and the rest of the gang, as mush as all my North American friends. You can download your own copy in your favorite eFormat at the links below.

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